Cuban travelers to Cancun and other destinations in Mexico

The number of Cubans traveling to Mexico has increased considerably in recent years. Many are going to vacation and others join the new modality of Cuban travelers who are engaged in commerce. It has been the result of part of the new policies that the Cuban government has implemented as part of the update of its economic model and, on the other hand, the increase in the airlines that cross these commercial routes, among which Interject and AeroMexico stand out.
The result has been beneficial for both countries while strengthening the commercial and cultural ties between the two peoples.

What is the best method for a Cuban who travels to Mexico
Among the cheapest tickets you will find those of the round trip to Cancun, as it is one of the closest destinations to the island. Once in Cancun you will find a wide variety of shops and shopping centers. In the surroundings of the hotel zone of Cancun you will find several shops that are already almost specialized in the treatment of Cubans and the type of products they usually look for for their price and variety, however: where to stay in Cancun.
In the hotel zone you will find hotels with different price modalities according to their category, however, it will always be more advisable to stay in a private house or hostel that also abounds in Cancun.

The best way to explore the best options in the markets and shops of Cancun is to rent a car. In this way you can better dispose of your time and take the opportunity to do some tourism too.
It is best to rent the car online, but in case it is better to do it in cash there are also rental companies in Cancun where you can do it. It is advisable to do it in a local company, since they offer a magnificent service and know better the secrets and best places in the region for your purpose, they can serve as guides and counselors. One of the best companies dedicated to the Cancun rental cars that has a very good reputation, offers excellent prices and admits cash payment is Easy Way Rent a Car. Here you will have a modern car at the best price, they also offer a wide range of insurance that will make Make your trip safe.
Never rent in pirate or unknown companies !!! Since they are not only illegal that could lead to problems but also in the case of incidents such as theft or access, they do not have insurance services so you will be unprotected.

If your trip is for tourism then it is recommended that you tour the Mayan Riviera, so that you can appreciate the wonders of the Mayan culture, its architecture, its wonderful food. Among the destinations of the Mayan Riviera is one of the best beaches in the area: Playa del Carmen. Also there you can rent a car in case you have reached that destination in another way. For a Playa del Carmen car rental you can go to the Easy Way Rent a Car branch in the area, located at 10th North Avenue, between 2nd and 4th Mza 7, lot 7, Loc 1.
Quintana Roo, Mexico, CP24000